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What’s the law in your U.S. state on Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp, THC and CBD?

US States law on Marijuana Cannabis Hemp THC CBD 2

Author: HempHealth® recreation from DISA.

Posted: 30th September 2022

The laws governing Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp, THC and CBD are constantly changing across the 50 states. This can sometimes make things confusing. This interactive map provides information about legalization, medical use and recreational use.

Do you want to know what marijuana laws in your state are?

The DISA map clearly outlines the marijuana legalization laws in each state. It is updated on a monthly basis with any new changes. Understanding and respecting the different rules in the U.S. for Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp, THC and CBD use is important. Whether you are a tourist or a resident, the following information will help to avoid any confusions.

The state status refers to the current laws as of the date of the update. It does not include pending legislation or future dates when Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp, THC and CBD will be available for recreational or medicinal use.

CBD oil can contain THC or not. This chart refers to CBD Oil that contains THC as an ingredient. CBD oil containing THC is considered illegal in the states that are “Fully Illegal”.

All “statuses”, however, are subject to state restrictions. For example, CBD Oil can only be legal up to 0.5% THC and marijuana may be legal only up to one ounce. Check your state laws.

It will be legal in Minnesota to sell, consume, manufacture, distribute and sell edibles that contain up to 50 mgs of any type of THC starting July 1.

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is for educational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice. This information is provided for educational purposes only. The reader assumes all responsibility for its use. Employers and employees who need to determine their legal rights should consult an attorney or designated official from the relevant regulating agency.

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