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CBD Bible

What is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol. With so many explanations available online now in 2022, it does sound confusing, doesn’t it? Don’t worry we will simplify it for you.

CBD is the main active ingredient of the natural Hemp plant once it has grown. It’s best to describe all the natural ingredients from the Hemp or Cannabis plant as Cannabinoids (sorry, there is no short version for the word cannabinoid). Other key Cannabinoids include: CBG, CBC, CBDa, CBDv, CBN, THC and others.

CBD was discovered in 1940. CBD is clustered as one Cannabinoid. To date, we know the Hemp plant naturally produces around 100 different Cannabinoids and approximately 300 non-cannabinoid chemicals.

Generally speaking, CBD is upto 40% of the natural Hemp plant extracted Cannabinoids. However, since we are in year 2022, modern science allows hybrid strains to be developed with higher or lower CBD percentage plant strains.

What is CBD Oil?

Fantastic, so you know already about CBD, but now want to know more about how CBD Oil is made.

In a nutshell, CBD should never be taken as 100% raw extract. It is infused with a carrier oil to bring out the best absorption rate once it is ingested into the body. The carrier oil must compliment the pure raw and organic CBD extract and other cannabinoid compounds.

The two most popular carrier oils are: Hemp Seed Oil and Coconut Oil (or MCT Oil – geeked out spelling: Medium-Chain Triglyceride). Both of these carrier oils have positive effects when combined with healthy fat-soluble cannabinoids and compounds, such as CBD. As you can imagine, 100% raw CBD extracts naturally attracts and infuses with Hemp Seed Oil, almost like a child reuniting with its parents after a long day at school.

Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil : What’s the difference?

Hemp Seed Oil is typically produced by cold pressing the Hemp seeds from the Cannabis Sativa Plant (or derivatives of Cannabis and Hemp plants) and extracting the natural oil that normally contains less than 0.2% THC.

In contrast, CBD Oil is made from the full plant including all leaves, stalks and flowers of both cannabis plants and hemp plants. Then the CBD extract is infused with the carrier oils such as Hemp Seed Oil or Coconut Oil (MCT).

What does CBD look like?

Chemical Symbol: C21H30O2     

Chemical Explanation: 21 Carbon Atoms | 30 Hydrogen Atoms | 2 Oxygen Atoms