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Welcome To Hemp Health ®

Hi i’m Sonny, a health conscious founder who is extremely passionate about the holistic lifestyle and well-being benefits Hemp and CBD can offer its consumers. This forgotten ancient plant has been documented as early as 8,000 BC by archaeologists when they found remnants of Hemp cloth in ancient Mesopotamia (aka. Iran and Iraq) and the first written evidence of medicinal use of Hemp dates back to 2737 BC by Emperor Shen-Nung from ancient China. Sometime from here until the last decade it was lost and forgotten.

Like the Phoenix from the ashes we rise and now strive to make high quality trusted Hemp based CBD products available to everyone globally at affordable prices.

Our Vision & Values

  • Sustainable Future first
  • Premium Quality CBD
  • Always Trusted
  • Always Compliant
  • Always Consistent

Every product that leaves our premises must be independently tested with industry recognised third party labs to ensure our values are met and maintained. We hope to remove the stigma associated with Cannabis and Hemp cultivation and educate the world on the well-being and sustainability benefits this ancient plant with naturally occurring compounds can offer us.

Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to join us on this exciting journey.

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Sustainable Future

In a world full of pollution in many forms, it is imperative we find reversible long term solutions to benefit future generations and all living things combined.

Premium Quality Hemp

All of our Hemp and CBD products will be from ethically sourced ingredients and of the highest quality standards available. We will not deviate from this core value.

Always Compliant

Our products are fully legal within the USA, UK and Europe and made available according to the strictest governmental regulations and compliance transparency.

Always Trusted

With our high quality standards and compliance processes, our consistency is what makes us a trusted supplier within this new industry.