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FDA Hires Cannabis Research & Regulatory Top Gun Norman Birenbaum: Former New York Cannabis Policy Director

Norman Birenbaum FDA

Author: Hemp Health®

Posted: 29th  September 2022

This week, Norman Birenbaum was appointed the FDA’s senior advisor in public health for cannabis and hemp research and regulatory actions.

Why’s this so important to Hemp and Cannabis manufacturers globally?

As the USA is a unique trend setter within the global Hemp and Cannabis industry. This is the FDA’s very first appointment of a cannabis research and regulatory advisor. It continues to struggle with regulations for marijuana-based goods, including CBD. Despite passage in 2018 of the Farm Bill which legalized hemp and gave FDA authority for overseeing hemp-derived product, the FDA continues to look for additional safety information. This is why CBD has been prohibited from foods and dietary products.

Birenbaum, the former New York State Cannabis Program Director, has been appointed by FDA to increase its involvement in cannabis matters.

In May, Janet Woodcock, Principal Vice Commissioner at the agency, was appointed to lead the Cannabis Products Council. It oversees policy, enforcement and outreach related to marijuana.

Who is this appointed hotshot Norman Birenbaum?

Dr. Douglas Throckmorton who is FDA’s deputy director for Regulatory programs, said that Birenbaum would bring extensive experience to the center in policy analysis as well as legislative outreach. This will enable it to form partnerships. Birenbaum’s supervision, the FDA hopes to increase its relationship with patients and patient advocacy group as well the health care community.

Birenbaum has previously been on the staff for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA. She was also a chief cannabis advisor to governors from New York and Rhode Island.

Birenbaum, the former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was hired as the state’s director of cannabis programmes two years ago. Birenbaum also helped to pass the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act in 2021. This legalized cannabis.

Birenbaum established the Rhode Island Office of Cannabis regulations before joining Cuomo’s administration. This office oversees the state’s medical marijuana and industrial cannabis programs, as well as helping the former Gov. Gina Raimondo efforts to legalize recreational cannabis.

Birenbaum is founder and president of The Cannabis Regulators Association. The association’s members are for the top 43 marijuana regulatory agencies in the United States, Throckmorton wrote.

KhadijahTribble (CEO of US Cannabis Council) stated, “We’re glad that the Biden admin has signaled its growing interests in good-faith engagement with cannabis issues by creating the FDA’s new adviser position dedicated to cannabis research & regulation.” “Mr. Birenbaum’s extensive experience managing multiple state’s medical cannabis initiatives will undoubtedly inform his approach to the future challenges and opportunities for our growing industry. The USCC would be happy to assist Mr. Birenbaum with any aspect of cannabis reform.”

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