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Cannabis and Hemp Textiles & Fibres

Cannabis and Hemp Textiles and Fibres

We want to share the story and knowledge behind our revolutionary Hemp based workwear and fashion collections created by Hemp Health®. With our market leading innovation and production facilities our textiles provide the benefits of organically grown hemp from the purest of environments and uniquely blended with organic cotton.

Hemp naturally consumes less water than cotton production and yields a faster seed to crop maturation enabling the faster cycles of atmospheric CO2 absorption. Not only does Hemp revitalise and nourishes the soil it is grown in, it can stand the agility of even the harshest climates.

Our textiles benefits from anti-microbial fabric infusions and provides the durability to act as an insulator during the colder winter months and more breathable in the summer months, by contracting and expanding fabric properties in line with its climate surroundings. The anti-microbial compounds within our unique textiles creates an anti-odour effect and by partially neutralising body smells.

The Hemp Health textiles are extremely comfortable and stylish to wear and is one of the strongest natural fibres available in the world with its abrasion-resistant fabrics.

Natural-fibre clothing like hemp is created from the naturally occurring fibres of plants. Being natural, hemp fibre is also biodegradable. It is tightly woven, yet very breathable and surprisingly soft. It is created without toxins or unnatural processes and does not cling to the body.